Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I met and I liked...

Check out these fantastic notebooks. Wouldn't they make perfect presents? My fave is below:

Monday, 29 March 2010

Susan Small Circle Posts

These earrings are a perfect example of a classic reinvented. Just beautiful. Via shlomitofir.

(ooh look how they match the blog background!!)

Console table

We are moving in August and I keep browsing the internet looking at expensive flats and furniture (naughty naughty).
If budget were no issue though, this Manhattan Console Table would take pride of place in the entrance hall.

personalised pencils

What is it that attracts us to having our names printed on things long after we've left primary school? I bought these pencils for my boyfriend as a valentines present and he was over the moon! So cute.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Brown Leather Rucksack

Anyone else noticing a return to classics? No more "it-bags" for the teenies I believe. A white silk shirt, turned-up jeans and this bag are all you need.

One sketch a day

Finally ordered my copy of 'One Line a Day', the five year diary from Chronicle books. I love the idea of being able to keep a daily record of 5 years in one book - and one sentence a day is so easy! Now Chronicle are about to release 'One Sketch a Day', with spaces to draw each day for one year -fantastic!

Liberty of London

I love Liberty. I remember my first visit there and I still try and pop in any time I'm in central London.
Last summer, I made this dress for my mum with some Liberty print silk.

Doesn't this new bike by Liberty for Target in the US look like a very near match!

Friday, 26 March 2010


I need one of these for my early morning train. Although I did genuinely fall asleep on the train yesterday and missed my stop :( so maybe it should come with an in-built alarm.

Whisper Rings

Oh. my. goodness.
I have been looking for a little dotted gold ring for so long. (Ever since I saw this perfect photo below)

(via Cup of Jo)

I am little bit of a jewellery obsessive, but who can't help but fall in love with these from Oli+Me. I want. I need. Size 5.5... cough cough, wink wink...

Find more dotted rings at SecretCharm (below).

The Real Flower Company

I worked as a florist in Oxford for 4 years and I love beautiful flowers. The Real Flower Company is one of my favourite florists, they deliver all across the UK offer the opportunity to buy 'Roses for a Year', where a bunch of flowers is delivered monthly for a whole year. What an amazing present that would make! Although considering the "medium" size bouquet option is £660 for the year, I may not be putting that one on my birthday list just yet.

(plus check out the scented roses cut stems box below... now that I would LOVE)

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Etsy Find Thursday!

Bearing in mind this is our first Thursday at Just Pressed Print, please forgive me if Thursdays don't end up being 'Etsy Find' days... I thought I'd give it a try anyway seeing how much time I spend browsing on Etsy, it should be harder for me to limit Etsy posts to just once a week, let alone forget!
This sweet little vintage brass apple container from High Street Market is very similar to one we had when I was little. I'd love to have one myself on the bookshelf.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

South of France

Off to the South of France this August with my family for 10 days. I can't wait for long days in the sun, eating fantastic food and just switching off from the world. The type A in me has already started planning outfits (can you tell I need some sun?!).

Thinking maxi dresses at the moment, like this one from ASOS

the shoes made me do it

Is it wrong that I decided to start a blog because I just wanted to share my love for these shoes? Urban Outfitters I love you.